5 Motherhood Stock Photos that Prove Shutterstock is Drunk

stock-photo-fashion-woman-and-pretty-little-girl-299246378It’s no secret that stock photos of mothers are a hot commodity. A search for “mother” on Shutterstock yields nearly 8,000 pages of results. And they have someone vetting the photos … but my question, which I think you’ll come to agree is a good one, is: who? Who is vetting these photos?

Obviously, Shutterstock is drunk.


1. I woke up like this.
That time my toddler and I frolicked in a field wearing glorious meadow-hats and also my hair is always like this.

2. Just a regular afternoon.
My daughter and I like to sit on this cozy white bench all cuddled up with some gauzy purple fabric and our birdcage. We just stay like this for hours. Our umbrella stand is also white.

3. We did it.
That time my daughter and I high fived because we were both holding an alligator.

4. Haha, we tricked you, Christmas.
That time we wore santa hats and sunglasses at the beach and then covered the lower halves of our bodies in sand just for fun.

5. It’s hard to be a working mom.
I have my pants on, I have my blazer on … what is it? What is it that I’m missing? Oh, forget it, I’m late for work.

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