Mama Mantra of the Moment: I Can Do What This Moment Demands of Me

“I can do what this moment demands of me.”


We can use this mantra to remind ourselves that we have everything we need to do our best in the present moment. There is no need to worry if we will be able to handle the moments that lie ahead. Remember, time is a construct of the mind so in any given moment the future only exists as thoughts. Keep your thoughts clear and confident in this moment so you can bring to life the future that you want in the next.

How this mantra helps this mama:

During the birth of my daughter, the moon was full. I found myself asking it for strength as if it were an old friend. As I gazed upon it this mantra came to me and helped me stay focused during the rest of my labor. As fearful thoughts popped into my head it helped me to let them go. Now that my daughter is here I am very busy! This mantra helps me find peace and center myself when my thoughts of the future start to distract me from the present moment.


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