How to Refresh a Plastic Picnic Table

TableAround the time my daughter turned 1, I thought it was time we get more outdoor toys for her since she could walk and needed to move. I wanted to get her a sandbox, a table, some chairs, a castle, a cozy coupe, and the list goes on. Then, I looked up the prices. “Jeepers creepers” said the Minnesotan, “that ain’t cheap!”

My father then began collecting outdoor toys and furniture from curbs and garage sales. Most had obviously spent their lives in the sun and were well loved. While they definitely served their purpose, they looked like crap. I was turned on to the idea of spray painting the furniture and toys by my great-aunt, and let me tell you, it was amazing!

Here’s how I refurbished an old, washed-out plastic picnic table and made it a like-new piece that even matches my other furniture:

Original color: Yellow top, red benches, with blue base
Spray Paint: Rust-Oleum spray paint (Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2X) — Key Lime
Cost: $4.00
Time: 1 hour

TableI only needed to repaint the top, since the blue didn’t fade and I liked the color. The Rust-Oleum worked wonderfully! It sprayed evenly and covered well. I love how vibrant the color is. I ended up having just enough spray paint in the can; every last drop was used. I didn’t tape anything off since it would only have showed underneath, and this Mama has learned to let go. The best part is, it now matches the lawn chairs!

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