Mama Mantra of the Moment: I love my body right now and I appreciate all that it does.

pablo(2)“I love my body right now and I appreciate all that it does.”

We can use this mantra to remind ourselves that we are worthy of love as we work toward our goals.

Action can only ever be taken in the present moment. Experiences can only ever be had in the present moment. The present moment is our workspace and time is like our drawing board. We can use time to project ideas, or, to create goals. We work toward those goals by taking action in the moment so that the effects of that action create a new moment in which our action can bring us closer and closer to them. We create momentum. This process is constant, although we are often unconscious of what we are working toward and/or why.Setting goals for ourselves is healthy; it’s how we grow. There is nothing more inherent to human nature than to want to improve our reality. It’s wonderful to have goals for our bodies, but if we attach, “I will love my body when…”, we trap ourselves in a negative emotional state. We make joy something that exists as an idea instead of existing in reality, the present moment.

How this mama uses this mantra:

I use this mantra to remind myself that I am worthy of love right now. My worthiness is unaffected by anything that I do because it is inherent to every human being. It transcends actions, thoughts and feelings. It exists as a fundamental part of me. In essence, I am love. I have goals for many areas of my life including my body and as I work toward them I am joyful in knowing that achieving them will not make me worth any more than I already am. This mantra helps me remember that life isn’t so serious! Joy is being alive, experiencing the whole spectrum of emotion! I am so grateful to experience each moment that is mine.

I encourage you to create your own mantras based on anything in this article that is meaningful to you (e.g. I am worthy of love now, joy is in this moment, my actions are directed to best serve my intentions, etc .).

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