Mama Mantra of the Moment: “I am letting go.”

pablo7“I am letting go.”

“We can use this mantra to help ourselves let go of the things in our life that hold us back from being where we would like to be and who we would like to be. Sometimes when we notice the things holding us back they look like external things. For example, my financial situation is holding me back from having the time that I want to create my artwork.
However, the external manifestation that I am able to recognize and label (my financial situation) is not what is actually holding me back. This situation is the result of a cause and the cause is rooted in my mind. My beliefs about myself, the world and the relationship between the two are the cause. So when we talk about letting go, we are talking about letting go of external things, people, limiting situations, etc. but the way we do that is by letting go of internal things, thoughts. Thoughts proceed actions, or in other words, energy exists in time as thoughts before it becomes action.


How this Mama uses this mantra:

I have spent the majority of my life trying to figure things out. I love to learn and to use my mind and have continually approached things as problems to be solved, lessons to be learned and concepts to be understood. Only lately have I realized that everything I really want already exists and that I have the potential right now, in this present moment to have joy. All I have to do is relax and let go. When I first had this realization I immediately set into, “figure it out”, mode. I thought, “Alright, great! So now I just have to figure out how to relax”, but that’s the tricky part, to relax we have to stop trying! This is easier said than done because our minds have been conditioned to want to be active, we want to be focused on something. One thought leads to another to fill this insatiable hunger for material.

When I find myself thinking a thought that is based in fear, I make the conscious decision to stop thinking it. I let it go. I create a space that can then be filled with brand new thoughts/feelings/impressions that come from a place of relaxation, or, intuition instead of coming like a chain reaction from the thoughts before them. This is where I find clarity, peace and answers.

The key to letting go is mindfulness. In order to create a blank space for new thought to flow into, we have to allow ourselves to observe a thought as it floats by without chasing it or clinging to it. We create pathways in our mind that thoughts follow. These become stronger over time, creating patterns as thoughts take the same pathway over and over again. When we find ourselves re-experiencing the same themes in our lives it is because we are using the same mental pathways. To make changes in our lives we must change these pathways by becoming the observer of our thoughts and choosing which thoughts to give energy to and which to let go of.


Try This:

Become the listener instead of the speaker. Practice observing your breath so that your mind has only one thing to focus on. When you notice a thought arise, label it, “thinking”, and return to focusing on your breath. It takes time to tame the mind and that is alright. The most important suggestion that I can make to you as you embark on this journey of mindfulness is: Be patient with yourself. Notice the thoughts of self-critic and then just like all the others, let them go. Know that there is nothing wrong with being exactly where you are with this practice. There is nothing wrong with thinking the thoughts you are thinking so don’t try to judge them or make sense of them. It isn’t important where you are starting, it’s important that you dedicate yourself to your intention of learning to let go. This is your practice. Let it fit into your life, set your intention and you will see results that you couldn’t possibly comprehend when you began.
I guarantee that letting go of your problems, if even just for a short while, will help you solve them.

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