Four Simple Words

Four simple words.  That’s all it took to start the tears streaming down my face this morning at the end of my weekly grocery run with the kids.  I spontaneously hugged the woman I had been chatting with near the checkout at Aldi.  I shamelessly cried, and she prayed aloud.  She prayed for grace and peace to surround me, and, whether you’re religious or not, who couldn’t use more of both of those in their life?

It was love, from one mom to another, and it meant so much, this simple gesture, this moment of connection in my chaotic morning.  Such opportunities are all around us; we just need to take the time to slow down, look outside ourselves, and be bold about stepping into someone else’s sphere to offer kindness.  This interaction took just a minute or two, but we are both changed now as we continue on with the mundane activities of an average Tuesday; I’d like to think that those who witnessed our embrace are changed a little bit too.

Oh, the magical words she said?

“You’re a good mom.”

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