Review:  Pouch Sling by BlueBerriest

Review: Pouch Sling by BlueBerriest

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One of the baby-related items I have used the most over the last six and a half years was actually a gift from my doula after the birth of my first baby.  At the time, I naively thought that a Baby Bjorn was the only hands-free baby device anyone would ever want or need, but I am so thankful that Megan introduced me to the simplicity of the pouch sling, especially the Minnesota-mama-made ones by BlueBerriestRead more

Review: Little Partners Learning Tower

Review: Little Partners Learning Tower

Learning Tower ReviewSometimes I wonder how we survived before we had a Learning Tower.  I cannot say enough good things about this product to explain just what a game-changer it has been in our home! I was inspired to get one after seeing a friend from California post a picture of her daughter standing on one while helping in the kitchen. It looked so sturdy and safe compared to standing on a chair, which is just what my 18-month-old monkey had learned how to do, nearly giving me at least one heart attack per day … and usually more. (Even the knife block in the far back corner of the kitchen counter wasn’t safe from his reach!) Read more