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The Mamas:
Alexis Barrett_250Alexis Barrett identifies herself as a “crunchy hippie mama.” She works as an exercise physiologist with older adults and is passionate about the therapeutic advantages of intergenerational interaction. Mother of identical twin girls who keep her guessing, she is the first to admit she is far from perfect, but the best answers to life’s problems come from conversations with others of different backgrounds and insights. “I’m still learning new things about myself everyday, check with me in a few decades and I might have a few solid answers for you.”


Amanda Fineran_250Amanda Fineran is all about the creativity. She is a costumer, seamstress, designer and crafter. Amanda believes in spreading love and joy through your talents, sharing knowledge with those around you, and most importantly, listening to everyone. She spends most of her time on silly adventures with her husband and daughter, and volunteering through the 501st Legion.


Stephanie-George-Miller-250George Miller is a city girl excited to be raising her son in a diverse metro area. She is a stay at home mom who also helps run a small theatre company on the side and feels very lucky that her nerdy and artistic communities are willing to help usher a little one into a world of creativity from day one (well, maybe more like day forty-five). As she works her way through motherhood, George has been delving into the worlds of cloth diapering, baby-wearing, and unexpected feeding journeys while keeping her son (and herself) as happy and healthy as possible.


Emily Pike_250Emily Pike is a board-certified family physician and homeschooling mom of three who works part-time in an urgent care clinic in the Twin Cities, where she sincerely hopes you’ll never need her services in person. Her interest in alternatives to standard Western medical treatment have earned her the moniker Crunchy Granola Mama Doc, which she embraces as a term of endearment. When she’s not running quiz bowl tournaments with her husband, healing the sick and not-so-sick, or helping her kids learn their math facts, Emily enjoys reading, crocheting, and occasionally hiding from her children to enjoy some chocolate in peace.


Stephanie Richards_250Stephanie Richards makes her living as a stagehand, but juggles the hats of martial artist, DIY enthusiast, teacher, textile artist, and feminist, as well as the Mom Sombrero. She believes that one of her most important jobs is to try to make the world a safer and more fulfilling place for all women and girls, and in particular for her baby daughter. She has a finely honed BS detector, a wacky and creative husband, two psychotic cats, and a deep love of cephalopods.


Charlotte Rose_250Charlotte Rose is a healer, songstress, poet, visual artist and writer of many forms. Her greatest creation to date is her beautiful daughter, Maya. Since childhood she has been labeled as “wise beyond her years” and attributes her wisdom to her open-mindedness, strong intuition and deep-rooted spirituality. Charlotte’s mission is to change the world, one heart at a time, by teaching herself and others how to eliminate fear and realize their true potential through self-love.


Colleen Sommerville_250Colleen Somerville is a singer, actor, amateur chef, server, craft beer lover and also a mom to a little boy. She believes that motherhood is kind of bull shit and also the most amazing thing ever. Most days, she can be found walking with her baby around the suburbs, trying to figure out what she’s going to be when she grows up. She considers herself an expert in faking it till she makes it, and knows that all other moms are secretly doing the same.

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