Mama Mantra of the Moment: “I touch everyone around me.”

pablo4“I touch everyone around me.”

We can use this mantra to remind ourselves that we matter and that every one of our interactions has the power to spread love. Each of our own experiences are just a link in a chain reaction that has been going on for all of time. In each moment we have the opportunity to CHOOSE how we react to our experiences. We co-create the world around us through these reactions. If we react from a place of love then we spread love to those who we interact with. If we react from a place of fear, then we spread fear. If you want to live in a world that is fueled by love instead of fear then make the conscious decision in each moment to act from a place of love.

How this mama uses this mantra:

As an artist and a writer it is important to me to reach people. I know that even if I don’t speak to hundreds of people directly, my energy will reach even more by the chain reactions I create through speaking to just a few.

My personal life goal which encompasses all of my other life goals is to be the love that I am. Beneath my thoughts, beneath my actions, beneath every neural connection that I have ever formed lies my essence. The most fundamental level of myself is love. What this really means is that, I believe my own personal joy comes from acting in a way that promotes the joy of others.

I’ll digress to point out that, “joy”, by definition does not mean, “happiness”. Happiness is an emotion while joy is a state of being. Joy allows us to appreciate having experiences, regardless of what the experiences are. In other words, joy is fully appreciating being alive, joy is a feeling of fulfillment. It is unrealistic to expect permanent happiness because, by nature, emotions are temporary. Joy can be a permanent state. In the way that I am writing about it, joy is synonymous with, love. So to, “be the love that I am”, means to be in a state of joy!

I use this mantra to remind myself to choose to act from a place of love, or to, “be the love that I am”. By doing this in every one of my interactions I am introducing love into the chain reaction. This doesn’t mean that all of my interactions are positive. Acting with love as my guide can look many different ways. Sometimes the most loving action still hurts people, sometimes it hurts me. I use my intuition as my guide and I do the best that I can!

To find what it means for you to act from a place of love, try this:

The next time you feel worried take a moment to observe your thoughts as well as the physical feelings you have in your body. Start with your chest, what do you feel there? How about your neck? This will help you get familiar with the feelings and thought patterns of fear so you that you can identify when you are acting out of fear. Fear is the opposite of Love and these two poles give birth to all of the emotions, thoughts, actions and sensations that lay on the spectrum of their framework. Repeat this exercise when you feel happy, fulfilled, comfortable, or confident to find what it feels like for you to experience love. What does love physically feel like in your body? What do your thoughts look like when you are experiencing love? Following your intuition means no more than being familiar with the feeling of love and using it to guide your actions. Act from a place of love and you will find that the universe supports you.

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