Mama Mantra of the Moment: I am a reflection of everything, everything is a reflection of me.

pablo(1)“I am a reflection of everything, everything is a reflection of me.”

We can use this mantra to remind ourselves that we are part of a bigger picture. In Sanskrit, the world’s oldest language, there are words to explain this concept, one of which is “Maya.” “Maya” translates to “the illusion,” and refers to the idea that in the context of our human lives we see things as being separate, but ultimately, this universe is one energy which is infinitely divided. We are the universe experiencing itself. As an expression of the universe, we each are the reflection of the whole. Everything is a reflection of the whole, everything is intimately connected and dependent upon everything else.

How this mama uses this mantra:

I use this mantra as a tool to get to know myself better. It helps me to see how everything I experience is a part of me and reminds me that my experiences are generated within me — an internal reaction to an external stimulus. Observing my reactions to things allows me to become aware of beliefs that I hold about myself, the world around me and my relationship with it. Through this awareness I am able to let go of those beliefs that limit me and strengthen those that support me.

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