Review: Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller

120824BBF_BRU_093_cmb_4I have been using the Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller for the last 2+ years with my twins. I switched them into it as soon as I realized it had adjustable straps and seats (around 6 months). The seats completely recline, so it would have worked with infants (wish I had realized sooner!). I have tried other jogging strollers but did not like them because the front wheel did not turn, which made maneuvering difficult if you were walking rather than running, and which made collapsing nearly impossible. I like this model because it can be used to walk but with a very simple click of a little button on each tire you can lock the front wheels and BOOM! You have a jogging stroller. I like the Baby Trend Navigator’s big, inflatable wheels because we do a lot of off-road walking/hiking. It has withstood our and our children’s constant beating. It may be large and heavy, but it’s well worth it for the durability, maneuverability and reasonable price.


  • Maneuverability
  • Durability
  • Ease of transition from walker to jogger
  • Built in speakers for MP3
  • Off-road tires
  • Easy adjusting of straps and seat (from seated to laying down, full 90 degrees of adjustability!)
  • Two cup holders on both sides (essential for long hikes, snack and a drink for each kid)
  • Big basket for carrying lots of goodies underneath (we picnic with it often)
  • Parent compartment on top to hold small essentials (keys, phone etc.)
  • Fits through standard doorways (you won’t believe it until you try it! Even standard gates — at the dog park for example)
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy assembly


  • VERY heavy and cumbersome when folded to put in vehicle (it usually gets dragged and dropped out of my vehicle)
  • Folding trigger mechanism is a challenge and gets stuck from time to time (need another person to hold the opposite side to collapse it sometimes … but this did not start until recently; could very well be due to the abuse it suffers on a regular basis)
  • Even when folded it still takes up the majority of my back hatch (I drive a small SUV; it fits in the empty trunk of my parents Impala)
  • Hard to clean (I ended up just spraying it from top to bottom with organic orange cleaner, spraying it with a high power hose attachment and letting air dry a couple days, so really it’s not that difficult if you can settle for such primitive cleaning strategies, a germ-a-phobe or clean freak may struggle with it).

Overall, I would recommend this stroller for parents of twins or two kids close in age as an outdoor adventure stroller. We are pleased with its performance and durability; it fits our active, outdoor lifestyle. It is probably not the best option for parents who do lower intensity walking, shopping, or visiting crowded public spaces with their kids (zoos, malls, carnivals etc.) because it IS large and heavy.  We use a double umbrella stroller for those activities.

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